Updated : Jan. 18th
3away UNBROKEN HEART 10               10
Legions DRUID'S WOODS 10               10
  3away CONSIDERING MOON 7               7
Kimugle MONSTER BREEDER 7               7
Punter SHANGHAIING TED 7               7
3away GAEILGE 5               5
Massatoga DEEP IMFORMER 3               3
3away GORGEOUS DAISY 1               1
Kymar FOUR STROSA 1               1
Jeffjr DROSSELBRIDLED 1               1
Punter END OF THE DECADE 1               1
Alpha FLEET OF LUCARNO                 0
Alpha ALPHA'S HARBINGER                 0
Ceres PERTH ANGEL                 0
Ceres AUTOMATIC ALLSTAR                 0
Ceres DOBRANOC 0               0
Ceres TEXINGTON 0               0
Fredje DAYLAMIS TEMPLE                 0
Fredje GHOST EXTORT                 0
Fredje SENORITAS TED                 0
Fredje THINKING TWICE                 0
Jeffjr VATOLIRE                 0
Jeffjr POMINNICA                 0
Kimugle PRETTY DANE 0               0
Kimugle DROSSELBRIDLED                 0
Kimugle MONSTER BREEDER                 0
Kimugle DROSSELBRIDLED                 0
Kymar FOUR MAJOFIND 0               0
Kymar FOUR NODANIR 0               0
Kymar FOUR POGREMA                 0
Liddleski LOVE U ALL                 0
Liddleski TYNE AND WEAR                 0
Liddleski TYNE HARBOUR                 0
Liddleski PLEASURE THROWER                 0
Legions PERFECT HOLY QUEST 0               0
Legions POEM OF RAINARCHES 0               0
Legions FOREST ECHOES 0               0
Massatoga LION ZIPTARRA 0               0
Massatoga SENSELESS RUMOURS 0               0
Massatoga STEPHEN AND ANNA 0               0
Metallinut MONSTERS OF MIDWAY x               0
Metallinut ONTO THE FRONT                 0
Metallinut STAY AFFIRMED                 0
Metallinut GREEN LEMON PIE                 0
Pboy WICKED BIRD                 0
Pboy IN THE FALLS                 0
Pboy NO QUID PRO QUO                 0
Pboy ROYAL ROCA                 0
Pascal SEA SEE T                 0
Pascal WOETTE'S HOMIE                 0
Pascal LUCK OR NOT                 0
Pascal INTERCOSTAL T                 0
Packermac BIG BROWN'S KID                 0
Packermac MIDWEST LUTE                 0
Packermac MONTANA JOE                 0
Packermac WAR KINGDOM                 0
Punter PRIZE DESTINATION 0               0
Punter END OF THE DECADE                 0
Punter SHANGHAIING TED                 0
Punter DANCE BOOTS TF                 0
1.Contest is open to all URC residents. Each individual may enter up to three horses and run them out of any supporting, resident stable.
2. Contest starts Jan 4, 2020 and ends Sep 26, 2020. Only the first eight races of each runner will count for the scoring of this contest.
3. Horses must be 3 years old when nominated, and must be unraced when the contest starts. You may enter a colt or filly; there is one scoresheet for all competitors.
4. There are no restrictions on breeding - you can breed from scratch, breed with credits, or any other way you know of breeding.
Entries will also be accepted from auction buys, stable transfers, and from new stables. The sole criteria is that the entry be unraced prior to Jan 4.
5. Horses will be awarded 10 points for a win, 7 points for a place, 5 points for a show, 3 points for a 4th, and 1 point for a 5th. All races at all tracks will count towards this contest,
with the exception of HOT races. HOT races will not be counted for this contest. Any horse racing in a HOT race will forfeit that race.
6. Ties will be broken on the basis of total wins; then by total places; then by total shows. If a tie still exists the game credits for those positions will be added together and divided by the number of tied horses.
7. If a horse changes owners through claim or auction activity it will no longer accumulate points for this contest. All points earned up to the time of change of ownership will count towards this contest.
8.If a trainer withdraws from the Universal Racing Club Residency before the final week of this competition, the horse will be removed from the competition and all prize credits will be forfeited.
Prizes will be awarded as follows: 
1st place - 1500 GAME CREDITS 
2nd place - 750 GAME CREDITS 
3rd place - 500 GAME CREDITS 
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