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Welcome to the URC  Hall Of Fame.  Here you will find the greatest retired horses that URC  has produced. It is quite an accomplishment for a horse to be honored here. There are two ways to gain entry into this prestigious hall.  Automatic entry or by member vote.  Below are the rules, criteria and other information regarding the URC  Hall Of Fame:


Accomplishments For Automatic Entry:

1.  If a horse retires with an A ranking
2.  If a horse wins a Breeders Bowl race
3.  If a horse wins a Sim-wide Eclipse Award
4.  If a horse wins an Equinics race
5.  If a horse wins the Sim Triple Crown or Bluegrass Derby
6.  I
f  a horse wins the URC Triple Crown
7.  If a horse is named SIM Horse Of The Year

Accomplishments For Voting Entry:

1. If a horse is B ranked
2.  If a horse places in any of the following: a Classic, the Equinics, a BB race, or a "major" Grade I race (to be determined upon nomination)
3.  If a horse wins a
URC Eclipse
4.  At least 3
URC championship/Classic races in it's career
5.  If a horse wins 15 races
6.  If a horse wins 5 stakes races
7.  If a horse wins stakes in three of the six divisions (dirt sprint, dirt classic, dirt long, turf sprint, turf classic, turf long)
8.  If a horse wins a stakes in three consecutive years
9.  If a horse earns at least $1,000,000 in it's career
10. If a horse is named
URC  Horse Of The Year


- Each active member of the
URC gets to vote on each horse on the ballot
- A horse must gain 70% of YES votes to gain entry into the HOF


- Players can nominate their own horses (retired) that meet at least one of the above criteria
- For a horse to be considered, whether for automatic entry or voting entry, his/her accomplishments must be earned while running as a member of


A new class will be inducted every August, just as it is in real life.






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